Agricultural Irrigation

Agricultural Irrigation

We are the approved Central Oregon dealer and installer for Pierce Pivot Agricultural Irrigation systems and the Pierce CircleMaster CP-600™.

The CP-600™ has been designed and field-tested for durability and features pace-setting advances available only with Pierce-built systems.

Our top performing Center Pivot System is an example of perfecting one aspect to make the entire unit better. Whether it’s controlling irrigating dynamics and evaporation, or components essential to drive the system, Pierce engineers have done their field work.  Check out this video!

With our partnership with Pierce, we can offer their entire line of agricultural products from center pivots to linear and effluent systems.  For more information check out their website, and then give us a call to talk about your needs.

About Agricultural Irrigation Systems

Although these irrigation systems appear to be fairly simple, they are actually quite advanced. One of the most pervasive irrigation systems is the Fig3_12center pivot system. At the pivot of this system is a source of water, which spreads to each individual segment. Rotation around the center pivot point is granted by individual electric motors found on each set of wheels. The outermost set of wheels controls the speed of revolution of the whole system. Typically, the outer wheels move at a faster rate than the inner wheels so as to maintain segment alignment; various angle sensors report to a computer which coordinates such alignment. The individual nozzles found on each segment vary in size (and therefore water emission) in order to achieve application uniformity—the closer to the center, the smaller the nozzle size.

In Central Oregon, most of our irrigation systems are divided into two types:  Pivot and Side Roll.  SIDE ROLL IRRIGATION SYSTEM


Side roll irrigations systems are popular with people who have large, rectangular, fairly flat fields to irrigate. Rather than flooding a field with water, these systems are built of large aluminum wheels that hold a pipe full of water off the ground. The pipe is studded with sprinklers at regular intervals, which sprinkle the ground with water. The side roll system is equipped with a small motor and a gear mechanism in the middle. To move the system, the operator drains the pipe, starts the gas motor, and wheels it forward until he reaches dry ground. He then re-charges the system with water and starts it up again. The system is fed by a series of underground pipes that are filled under a vibrating screen at a central concrete distribution box.